To book your online Fire Risk Assessment for an industrial property, all we need to know is:

  • How many storeys do you occupy?
  • How big is your property (in square footage)?

A Fire Risk Assessment for light industrial property is suitable for properties where manufacturing on a relatively small scale takes place. It is also common for these properties to also include warehousing areas.

Our booking system will allow you to choose your preferred time slot and date for one of our team of qualified fire risk assessors to attend and carry out the assessment at any location across the UK.

The instant quote will cover all aspects of the Fire Risk Assessment from a property visit through to a written final report and action plan to help you meet current guidelines and regulations.

If you are unsure if your property is covered by an industrial property Fire Risk Assessment or have any other questions, contact one of our team who will be more than happy to help.

Alternatively, if you have more than one property you’d like to arrange an assessment for, please contact us using this form.